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The Riggs Ambulance Tactical EMS Team (TEMS) provides medical support to the SWAT teams of our local law enforcement agencies.  The TEMS team is made up of full time Paramedics and EMT’s employed by Riggs. 


The TEMS team trains monthly with the SWAT teams and responds to all SWAT call outs.  Team members are provided with anti-ballistic PPE and medical equipment appropriate for tactical operations. 


Members of the TEMS team must meet physical agility requirements and are highly proficient in their skill level.  Participation in the program is voluntary and members are selected based on physical and written testing. 

Goals of Tactical Medical Support Activity


  • Implementation of an effective tactical medical support program is directed at achieving these important goals:

  • Provide medical support and care for S.W.A.T. team members, civilian victims, bystanders and perpetrators during active call-outs and training,

  • Provide a medical perspective and consiltation to commanders to increase effective decision making,

  • Obtain and document  and over see the health and well being of the tactical  team members during training and call-outs,

  • Provide patient advocacy for team members during swat related hospitalization and medical transports,

  • Act as a safety officer during call-outs and training,

  • Provide evaluation and proper documentation of all perpetrators and victims of swat call-out to insure access to timely medical evaluation and reduce liabilities

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